About us

owner : Danielle Montgomery

location : worcester, MA

est : March 2013

contact : e v e r y d a y h e l l o s h o p @ g m a i l . c o m


Hello, and welcome to Everyday Hello! My name is Danielle Montgomery and I established this business in 2013. Everyday Hello is a place where you can find beautifully designed handmade cards, along with other lovely paper goods. Please take some time to explore my shop! I hope you will join me on this journey of running a small business and sharing the importance of making the people in our lives a priority everyday.


Everyday Hello, a very simple business with a big heart behind it: connecting people with their loved ones, sharing their love and everyday life with them, and expressing it through a beautiful handmade card. 
How EH got started

In February of 2013 I was in a severe car accident that fractured my hip and knee. After the accident my entire life changed. I went from being a substitute teacher, involved in community activities, living with a roommate in my own apartment- to not having the ability to do anything on my own.


When the accident happened I was literally flooded with support from all sorts of people I knew: family members, close friends, co-workers, professors, new acquaintances; literally everyone in my life that I knew, past or present, reached out to me and offered me love, prayer, and support. I was overwhelmed with love and thankfulness for these people in my life. I began to realize that too many days had been passing me by. I was forgetting to call people back, I'd go weeks without talking to my best friends, and wasn't taking the time to really invest in my relationships. My priorities became very clear; I wanted my life to be centered around the things most important to me: God, Family, and Friendships.


Since that fateful day I have felt an amazing drive to connect with the people in my life, to express my love and feelings to them in an urgent manner, and to really take charge of investing in my relationships with people. Everyday Hello is my way of helping others strengthen their communication and relationships with their loved ones (combined with my love for crafting). My handmade cards will give everyone the opportunity to purchase a special card to share their own love with someone special in their life.



© 2013 by Danielle Montgomery

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